Les Haricot Rouges

Bec and Jamie – 28 August 2011

We really weren’t planning to blog on a daily basis, but we have been lucky enough to have been invited to some amazing local events, and we feel like sharing them with you.

Thanks to our wonderful local friend Suzy, we find out about these intimate local gatherings that the normal tourist to Uzes would never know about. The Fete Des Escargot and last night were two such occasions.

Last night was a night of Jazz supplied by Les Haricot Rouges, a fantastic group of musicians who combine wonderful music with skits and improvisation. They have a very impressive 40 year history having played with the Beatles, Louis Armstrong, BB King, Dizzy Gillespie and Fats Domino! Even if you didn’t speak French you understood their faces and jokes – and music like that can’t help but move you with its energy and emotion. It is yet another universal langauge that we have come across.

After our great day with the children picnicking and dam-building it was fun to dress up for the night, with the children in the care of a very lovely 15-year-old, Celia, who Suzy – a total legend – had also arranged for us.

The night was hosted by a lovely couple who own a stunning 17th century three storey farmhouse called Mas Laurent, which is about a 5 minute drive from the centre of Uzes. About 150 of us were sat at small tables – decorated with bread, wine and olives – inside their courtyard which gave the night a wonderful intimacy. We were lucky to have been seated with some other english speakers – a young Dutchman, and 2 English couples – all of whom live and work in the region having decided upon a significant lifestyle change outside of their home countries. It was fascinating to hear their stories and they made us feel very welcome indeed.

We drove home at the end of the night beneath a blanket of stars feeling thoroughly uplifted.

A perfect night of jazz in a wonderful setting, Mas Laurent.

Yep, we're having a great time.

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3 Responses to Les Haricot Rouges

  1. Jealoussssssss!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer Jones says:

    This is what travelling is all about. Meeting wonderful people, hearing diverse experiences and just going with the flow of life and seeing where you pop out. Almost makes you feel like writing a book (he he). On this morn in OZ my flow of life is popping me out at the Father’s Day stall so better go and get myself into gear. I have 500 excited kids waiting for me! Lovely! Wonder if we’ll have the “Sari on a long holiday” conversation with Jess this morning? It has become part of our kinder ritual, you know. Bless! So, your friends are all eagerly awaiting your return Sari and you are very much in their thoughts. Keep enjoying soaking up life Adamson family. xx

  3. Hi Bec & Jamo
    It’s been so great hearing your stories – keep them coming! So wonderful you are having quality time as a family and also as a couple!
    Our travel plans are coming along but there is still so much to do, as you would know.
    Keep up the blogs as I’m now coming to look forward to each instalment!
    love Al

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