A boys day out… With some girls as well

Bec – 28 August 2011

Just because of the way our family is structured we usually end up separating the boys and girls so that we can carry out activities that appeal to those particular sexes…but today was a lovely change from the norm.

Foster had found a perfect picnic spot on an outing with Daddy the day before and he was in charge of organising the family picnic for today. He gave me a list of foods he would like me to pack. He then proceeded to lead Mylo down to the spot. (I drove Sari as she is unable to walk distances at the moment due to her sprained ankle.)

It really was paradise and we settled in for a lazy afternoon.

Kite flying was first on the agenda, and they gave it a fantastic go. You can see from the photos that initially Foster and Mylo were getting quite tangled as they tried to work out where the wind was coming from and where to stand…..but they soon mastered the concept and the kite was a beautiful sight from the grass where Jamie and I were planted.

They even attracted a friend called Yannis from Morocco and I tried to translate between Mylo, Foster and Yannis….but as you know children don’t need much translation and soon we were heading for the river with sticks to race.

The sticks were put aside as the idea of a dam or ‘le barage’ came to mind. Very quickly the three boys had managed to erect an incredibly effective barricade. It was so nice to watch the boys working together to carry out their plans. Give a boy 30cms of water, a good supply of rocks and he’ll be busy for hours.

Mylo considering his next move

An hour flew by and we decided to finish off our day with a game of UNO. I do wonder just how many countries around the world have UNO as I have yet to come across a nationality that can’t play it. Whom ever created that card game must be very wealthy!!!!

In a field of flowers she plays .....

We are hoping to see our new friend again at the park or in the town.

Not a raised voice, not a single complaint, three exhausted children and two very happy parents.

I can’t help but think…..this is exactly the reason we are doing this trip.

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