Boston Buns, Burgers and Political Satire

Bec – 11 November 2011

Whilst in Boston we visited ‘Bartley’s Burgers’, an eating institution for the students of Harvard University since 1960.

Featured in the movie, ‘The Social Network’, about the origins of Facebook, Bartley’s Burgers is the place that uni students hang out, eat, make jokes about politicians and solve the problems of the world.

The burgers are named after influential figures or celebrities, past and present, so the menu can make for some interesting reading.

The walls of the restaurant are covered in stickers and posters that make jokes at the expense of every group in society, which gives the diners something to smile at and take the focus away from the fact that they are clogging their arteries with 8 ounces of char grilled burger, swimming in cheese, ketchup and mustard.

Here are a small selection of posters/stickers that made us laugh……..Hope you enjoy!

Sorry, you'll have to bend your neck

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One Response to Boston Buns, Burgers and Political Satire

  1. Love Boston, especially the Boston Pops Hall!

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