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Bec – 24 October 2011

When travelling through cities and towns you can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘touristy’ souvenirs that are on sale. Wooden mini pinnochios in Italy, mini Eiffel towers in Paris and mini Parthenons in Athens. It is no different in Germany or Austria, but what has surprised both Jamie and I is the number of people who wear the traditional national dress in both countries as everyday clothing. The grey felted jacket with pine green piping that we Sound of Music fanatics refer to as “The Travelling Jacket” is worn by men and women in rural and urban areas.

On the warmer days, the lederhosen come out for the men but now that the days are getting much cooler they seem to wear corduroy knickerbockers with hatching down the side to tighten them around the calves. You also wear thick high socks under them.

In a world so fixated on fashion, it is lovely to see people being so patriotic but also practical in putting warmth first, after all these traditional clothes were made specifically for the Alpine climate and region.

On the topic of fantastic Austrian’s wearing their national dress, this morning I crossed a couple of dreams off my bucket list. # 87 to run through the arched trellis at Mirabell Gardens with my children, arms stretched outwards singing all the way. # 88 to jump up and down the marble staircase at Mirabell Gardens with my children , mimicking the scene from SOM and finally #89 to march around the fountain at Mirabell Gardens all in a row, tallest to shortest, once again singing all the way. I’m beginning to think that the reason I wanted to have so many children was always linked to my desire to become the Von Trapp family. I should have called Foster – Kurt, Mylo – Friedrich and Sari – Gretel…I wonder if it is too late to change……

The trellis archway

Tomorrow, Foster- or should I say Kurt – and I are heading off on the Original Sound Of Music Tour….4 hours of sights, music, facts and Von Trapps!!! Of course it’s touristy but to me…it’s Sound Of Music heaven…

Tomorrow is also our last full day in Salzburg so I promise…no more Sound of Music after that… but for now I am still entitled to at least 24 hours of Maria and the Captain.

My sincere thanks to my children and especially my husband for joining in all the Sound of Music activities and photos.

Making a wish in the Mirabell Fountain

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One Response to All things Edelweiss

  1. Andrea Moule says:

    Kate, Lucy, Lachlan and I are all Sound of Music tragics as well. Did a little bit of singing while looking at your blog ! Thankyou! The Moules xxxxx

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