Lost in translation

Bec – 4 October 2011

Sometimes you don’t feel like blogging….you just have nothing to say or nothing that you think would interest anybody…..and then you see something……..and bang …you feel a blog coming on.  So you have two blogs today – one from each of us !

My moment of blog ecstasy was on Saturday morning on the Autostrade heading from Belforte to Rome. Sitting behind a small car that had a sticker on it’s back window …………..well let’s just show you what it said…..

OK. We'll give you a wide berth.

The words LOST IN TRANSLATION spring to mind…..along with a few females that I know who could do with that sticker on the back of their car.

This moment of humour bought some light entertainment to our car as we progressed towards Roma and it started a conversation between Jamie and myself about our individual blogging styles.

When we started our blog, we each had a very distinctive style – Jamie was very much straight laced reporting with some humorous anecdotes served as a side order, and I had a style of observational storytelling peppered with a tinge of sarcasm and cynicism.

The question is….after nearly three months on the road together…..…have we changed as people….and as a result …..have our blogging styles changed?

According to my cousin and blogging queen extraordinaire, Ms Sarah Bryden-Brown, the answer is ‘Yes’.

Apparently our once very distinct voices have begun to merge over the last two or three blogs to the point where she was not sure who was writing.

Jamie and I put this down to a sense of relaxation and the ability to look at life in a more humourous way when you are happy.

We think this is a great turn of events……that our happiness and relaxation is coming across not only in our expanding waistlines, but also in our outlooks and commentary.

Jamie however always has to have the last dig at me and as he always jokes about my lack of capital letters, poor grammar and my very own personal made up language.  He took the opportunity to point out that maybe, I was merging with his voice as much as he was merging into mine, with the comment……. ‘Yes…our blogs voices are becoming more similar…I am starting to sound more relaxed and humourous and you are finally starting to use punctuation!!!!’ Touche….mon cherie!!!

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